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Acrylic- Mixed Media
Watercolor on Yupo Paper
Traditional Watercolor
Batik Watercolor on Rice Paper
Oil Pastel
Pet Portraits in Oils
I have always loved animals, both wild and domestic.   They have played a big role in my
life since childhood and appear often in my artwork.  So when I’m off to explore one of
my favorite subjects —  All of God’s creatures big and small or when I seek out natures
glorious colors, rich yet delicate my creative juices flow.  
My art varies from piece to piece I work in Oil, Acrylics, Oil Pastels and Watercolors.  I use
a variety of surfaces from traditional canvas to specialized papers.  When a medium or
style catches my eye I have a driving need to try it, to play with it,
to create another piece of art.
Freedom Horse Painting Mixed Media Jan Dalton Fine Art