About Me
Elephant Oil Original Painting by Jan Dalton Age 10
Jan Dalton
Summerville, South Carolina 29485

Charleston Art - Jan Dalton
The creative influence of my artwork starts as a fleeting thought, a dream
or vision that develops into an idea and then an image.  Often consisting of
multiple works, grouped around specific themes and meanings.

The subject matter of each work determines the media and materials of the
work.  While there may be a variety of mediums and processes in each
project, they can be linked by a recurring them that is influenced by
searching for a relationship with my viewers.  I like to keep the viewer
thinking.  Especially during these times of uncertainty.

I am
co-owner of Art On The Square (previously known as Art Central)
located in Summerville, South Carolina, a short drive from Charleston
South Carolina.
 Art On The Square Fine Art Gallery