About Me
Elephant Oil Original Painting by Jan Dalton Age 10
Jan Dalton
Summerville, South Carolina 29485

Charleston Art - Jan Dalton
My husband and I retired in 2005 and moved from Las Vegas to
Summerville, SC.  Our goal was to reinvent our lives and go back to doing
what we both loved to do.  His is music and mine is art.   And now 10
years later here we are.  He is playing his trumpet all over Charleston in
several theaters and the Southeast with his wedding band 17 South.  And
you will find my art in different galleries.

I have always loved animals.   They have played a big role in my life since
childhood and appear often in my artwork.  So when I’m off to explore one
of my favorite subjects —  All of God’s creatures big and small or when I
seek out natures glorious colors, rich yet delicate my creative juices flow.   

Primarily self taught I use many different mediums in the creation of art.   
When a medium or style catches my eye that I’m not familiar with I have a
driving need to try it.  Most recently is Skillet Batiking using watercolors
on rice paper.   I have fun with Acrylics when I apply the creative mixed
media of putting everything in my art except the kitchen sink.   Egg shells,
string, nuts and bolts.   I love to use watercolor on Yupo.  And of course I
enjoy the use of traditional Oil Paints, Watercolors, Acrylics and Oil Pastels.

I am currently in 3 galleries.  You will find my art in Summerville at Art
Central Fine Art, in Charleston at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery, and
in Louisa Virginia at The Muse Gallery and Studios.